Bathroom Wall 10 Hook

Bathroom Wall 10 Hook
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  • Adhesive hook - For kitchen, bathroom or door. Sticks on any smooth and plain surface such as tiles, glass, mirrors, metal, marble, granite, sunmica, veneer, bakelite. Strong load bearing capacity of 5 kg. Magic Sticker Series A product of self-adhesive kitchen and bathroom accessories.
  • Easy 30 Second Installation - No drill or any screw fitting required. Just choose a smooth surface such as tiles, glass, metal, sunmica etc. To install your magic sticker chain self-adhesive wall hooks.
  • RUST Free - We have used 201 stainless steel in our hook hanger which is superior to the chrome plated iron base products. Chrome plating is not advised that the product is likely to be exposed to kitchen and bathroom areas such as moisture and steam. 201 SS makes your wall sticker hook rust free and long lasting
  • NstALLATION TIP - Clean and dry the application surface before putting magic stickers. Push and flat the magic sticker pad, squeezing the air from middle to edge. Fit the hook rail on the magic sticker and you're done.
  • Multi Utility - 5 KG has a strong load bearing capacity which makes it suitable for use in kitchens for hanging spoons, utensils etc. or behind brushes for hanging clothes, even brushes, clothes, loofas, mops etc. in the bathroom Makes it suitable for Don't worry about falling under it.

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